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The mild steel comes from the carbon steel which has a low carbon alloy. The mild steel is a combination of a low amount of chromium, and molybdenum with low carbon as well. Because of the low carbon alloy, it is more weldable, ductile rather than the carbon steel. The mild steel is created magnetic and has a high amount of ferrite and iron. Mild steel has various characteristics like affordability, easy to weld, machinability, etc.
The mild steel plates offer excellent corrosion resistance property in the server’s environments. The MILD STEEL PLATES provide high resistance to nitric and chloride corrosion in sulfide solutions. These plates offer high strength, tensile, yield, mechanical strength, ductility, hardness, toughness, etc.

Mild Steel (MS) Plate

The applications of MILD STEEL PLATE is- this plate is used in chemical and petrochemical industry, oil and gas process, marine industry, seawater application, gas process, food process, etc. It is widely used in constructions, automobile, nuclear plant, thermal plant, power generation plant, and many more.

Mild Steel Plate Specification
Thickness Width Length Process
5mm-150mm 1000mm-4500mm 3000mm-18000mm Hot-Rolled (HR)